Äthiopien Sidamo Shakiso

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This exclusive Ethiopian coffee is cultivated on the Shakiso Farm, which is run by around 200 families. Due to the special geographical location and the 90-year-old mother plants, this organic coffee only uses natural compost material as fertilizer. The high cultivation location even for Ethiopia guarantees the smallest possible number of natural enemies for the coffee plant. As a result, the proportion of caffeine and unpleasant acids is particularly low, as the plant does not have to defend itself by forming acids. The Sidamo Shakiso is a lively and fresh coffee that reflects the nature of Ethiopia and the joie de vivre of its farmers.

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Ethiopia Sidamo Shakiso

About the plantation
About 450 kilometers southeast of the capital Addis Ababa is the Oromia Plateau. The privately run Shakiso Farm is run by around 200 families.

Only seeds from particularly resistant mother plants over 90 years old are used to cultivate the heirloom varieties. They guarantee naturally healthy growth, so that this organic coffee works entirely without the use of chemical fertilizers. Only natural compost material from the numerous shady plants is used to improve the soil conditions. The coffee cherries, which only thrive in the shade of these giant jungles, ripen particularly slowly and develop a multi-faceted aroma.

The cultivation locations, which are high even by Ethiopian standards, guarantee a temperate tropical climate with a lot of precipitation and constant temperatures at all times of the day. At these heights the number of natural enemies is severely limited. The proportion of caffeine and unpleasant acids to protect against insects is therefore comparatively low.

The Ethiopian Sidamo from Shakiso Farm is a lively and fresh coffee that almost seems to dance on the tongue. His taste is reflected in the nature of Ethiopia as well as in the joie de vivre of its farmers.

Facts about the farm and the coffee
Name of the coffee: Ethiopia Sidamo Shakiso
Name of the farm: Shakiso Farm
Location: Guji Zone, Oromia, Central Ethiopia
Classification: Grade-2
Mounting height: 1,800 – 2,000 meters
Rainy season: February – March, June – September
Arabica type: Heirloom, Sidamo
Harvest time: August – December
Processing type: Wet processing
Dry method: sun-dried,
Aroma: African dry beds, bergamot, citrus fruits, chestnut, nutmeg, exotic fruits;
Body: light body, herbaceous teen notes
Acid: tingling citrus acids in the finish

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